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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

leave the city behind....


Leave the city behind.  "TOUR WITH A LOCAL". Book one of our tours in the beautiful Red Rock County of Kanab, Utah

Campfire s'mores and stars at our dark sky destination.


TOUR WITH A LOCAL.  We guide travelers who want to do unique things and experience our area and its culture through the eyes of a local person.  We are passionate people and proud of where we live.  We have a variety of tours "off the beaten path", that can be customized to fit your needs. Book a tour with your favorite local guide and we will help create a memorable experience in Kanab.

Hayride S'mores and Pumpkins

Hayride to the Old Movie Fort

OCTOBER 26TH @ 3:00 PM $20 per/person

Happy Fall Y'all.  Join us for a hayride out to the old Movie Fort,

for homemade s'mores, hot cocoa, games and pick a pumpkin.

Meet at the south end of South Powell by the sewer ponds.

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Enjoy Red Rocks by day and dark stary skies by night

Old Movie Fort

$50    Call for reservations

435 899-1817

Good friends and family around the campfire is my idea of a perfect night out.  S'mores is an american west classic and a favorite traditional night time treat. A s'more consists of a toasted marshmallow and a layer of your favorite chocolate placed between two pieces of graham crackers.

 This is a 2 hour tour to a private canyon and destination of the old movie fort, a location where over 35 movies have been filmed.  You will enjoy the beautiful red cliffs with the Kanab movie fort as a backdrop.  The fort was used for the filming of many movies like the Apple Dumpling Gang and the most recent,  HBO's second season of West World was filmed here.

Kanab is known as a dark sky destination and we have the perfect location for viewing the night sky. We can not guarantee to see the stars every night , but we can guarantee a beautiful evening.

Add hot dogs or tinfoil or dutchoven dinners.


Always take the scenic road...

Hog Canyon/TV Tower Overlook


This is a 2.5 hour tour  at sunset to the scenic Hog Canyon overlooks.  Our trucks climb to the top of a mesa to a stunning overlook, with views overlooking Kanab, Arizona Strip and the surrounding area and oh yeah...the sunsets are amazing.


Say yes to new adventures...

Tour and hike to dinosaur tracks


 This is a 2.5 hour tour.  Our big trucks will take you to the trial head to hike 2 miles round trip to some very well preserved tracks of a Kayentapus dinosaur (in the T-Rex family).  A huge 200 million year old 3 toed predator.  You will learn the history of the dinosaurs and the enviornment when they lived here.  After we will take you on a tour in an exclusion canyon with stunning red rock cliffs and an old movie Fort where many movies where filmed. One being the Apple Dumpling Gang and more recent Westworld.  This is a fun family friendly adventure.


Of all the paths you take, make sure a few of them are dirt!

Off road adventure with a short hike


This is a 3 hour tour.  Where the blacktop ends the fun begins.  Enjoy an exciting off road adventure.  Experience our red rock tour to Peek A Boo Slot Canyon.  You will enjoy giant yellow wild flowers (mules ear) in the summer.  There are breathtaking views of the White Cliffs, and a beautiful slot canyon with multicolored wall with warm dramatic lighting.  In the summer months this is a awesome early evening tour.

White Sand Cave/HIKE

Difficult road often lead to beautiful destinations

Off road adventure/hike


Its a 4 hour tour.   This is a favorite excursions.  A beautiful, relaxing off road adventure to White Sand Cave.  Enjoy the cave from a distance or you may hike it.  Its a strenuous, 2 mile roundtrip hike on uneven terrain, to a huge alcove, so big its hard to fit in one photo.  We will stop along at Red Butte, a beautiful red butte formation.  Don't forget to bring your camera, you will want to capture the beauty.


Take a hike...

Anasazi Petroglyphs


This is a 3-4 hour hiking tour, 6 miles round trip with a 1000 ft. climb to the top.  It's a hard, steep, rocky, sandy hike, some rock scrambling required.  Learn the history of the Anasazi Indians that lived in this area. View very unique Native American rock art on the floor in this huge alcove.  Few things are as mysterious as these writings.  Such a beautiful hike.


Hiking is the answer!

Dinosaur Tracks/Petroglyphs


Hike the beautiful Bunting Trail.  See dinosaur tracks and petroglyph and 360ยบ views of Kanab.



Starting at $25.00



Starting at $45.00 



Starting at $25.00



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